Execution and prepayment terms

The normal PERIOD PERFORMANCE that all furniture owners give is 1 month. So far we have always been involved within 3 weeks (even for 4 days), but we prefer to have your attitude for a month. The execution deadline begins to run after the prepayment is received.

After responding to the order, whether and when we can complete it, you can translate the Prepay in any of the following ways:

-Bankov transfer to account with IBAN: BG30FINV91501015858664; BIC: FINVBGSF; First Investment Bank - Branch Troyan - Veselin Todorov Monkov.

-PayPal account - sigma100@abv.bg.

-Career translation to Karavelov's office at Econt in Troyan, for Veselin Monkov - 0887252291. The fee is 1,2% of the amount - ex: 3,60 BGN for 300 BGN.

You can prepay half and the other to pay for it on receipt, but you will also have to pay the courier's payment. Sorry, we removed the opportunity to work without a deposit, but it happened after a very strange table order, after which the "customer" disappeared.