Explanations of previews

Almost all previews on the site are made by a computer program and may differ from the actual appearance of the product by several criteria.


1. We have no information on the size of the specimen that the importers of plates and stains offer. We set this sample in the program and she "dresses" every detail with her. As a result, small details of the laminated slab or defects of the smeared sample are expected to look much larger on our visuals.


2. For laminated tables, the beech legs of the table version are painted with paint or RAL paint so as to be as close as possible to the design of the selected slab. But if the pattern is not monochromatic or woody, the legs will be different from it. This is not a problem, because on the one hand we strive to be as close as possible and on the other - these legs are visible only in the table version, and then the table is usually covered with a cover ... But the visualization carries the drawing on the slab and on the legs so we mark it as an inaccuracy.


3. The laminate in the laminate may differ from that of the previews. Manufacturers do not offer edges for each slab, but for example several plates - one edge. In the "SPECIFICATIONS" menu under the pictures on each table there is a link to the site of the tile or mortar importer. It's not a link but you need to copy and drop it into your browser's address bar, but it does. Typically, the plates as a related suggestion show the real edge with which your table will be edged.


4. Extensions such as rounded and special edges can not be displayed on the previews.


5. The program only makes matte visualizations. 90% of the orders are for mattresses, and the others know exactly what the chosen plate is. It has not been a problem so far, but we should also mention it

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