Frequently Asked Questions

The Affiliate Program of Combined Tables is free of charge and allows members to earn by placing a link and / or links on their pages advertising a Combined Table or a specific product. Any sales to customers who have clicked on a similar link will generate a commission for the partner. The Partner Commision is 5%.


How do I become a partner?


Just register here. There is no need for approval, and it is done immediately. You also fill in the details of where to pay your commission - a bank account or PayPal.


Then what am I doing?


You are signing in to your affiliate program account. You select a Personal Tracking Code. You see your code but he does not care much. Click on "Partner Links Generator". A menu with several table names will appear. If you know the name of the table you want to offer to your customers - you start typing the name and it will appear in the suggestions. You choose it and the "Partner link" will generate the link to send. It also contains your code, and your order will generate a commission on your account. At an average price of about $ 500, there is $ 25. After you place your order, your commission will be reflected in your account and you will receive an email about it.


How do I see what kind of commissions do I have?


In your Partner Program account, "Transactions"


When will I get my money?


When you want. You can tell us after each letter of commission you want us to pay you back. Or maybe you let them get together and then you want us to pay you back. If you do not write to us - when you reach the amount over 100 BGN we will pay you everything you have accumulated so far.