Where can samples be seen?

A sample of the table can be seen only in Troyan. Real color samples can be seen with importers and traders of the relevant materials. In the specifications of each table we write the manufacturer of the color and the importer from whom we buy it. There may be other importers or merchants who are close to you and have a real sample of what you are looking for. We will try to systematize several places:

Painters. These are wood stains (veneer). The stick remains clear and visible, after the coat is applied primer and varnish. With us, sells sell ANN-2, Dana Bissi, Drenski Ltd. The links we give you can see where the stores are located where you will find their samples. There may be other places, but we can not know.

PAINT. Paint is the easiest choice. Here is quite well explained. At each paintshop and latex paint shop you can find samples.

Laminates. Every furniture store has samples. We have tried to include all the imported plates in our choices, but we may have missed one. If you liked a sample in the store you did not find with us - write down its name and manufacturer! We will point out some importers, but the stores offering their samples are a lot and we do not have a list. Rossie, Cedar, Interiors