For all professionals in the industry, the difference between furniture laminated and those covered with natural veneer is visible at first glance. For the untrained eye of customers, however, this difference is difficult to understand.

 Veneer is a natural material. It is a very thin sheet of wood (less than 3mm) obtained by parallel cuts of a pre-treated wood carcass. Depending on the direction of cutting and the type of wood, the veneer sheet has a different color and pattern. The color can be changed by varnishing or painting, but the pattern is permanent and remains independent of the color treatment. It is unique to each veneer sheet, as even the next cut of the same carcass goes through different annual rings and so creates another pattern. This adds incredible beauty to veneered furniture and brings warmth and coziness to the rooms where they are placed. The veneered furniture is indistinguishable from the array, but avoids the drawbacks of the array - bumping, grip, grip, and so on. The tables and legs of the table version are exactly the same because they are of the same material with the same workmanship. In the color section, we've shown some of the possible colors for our vendors.

Laminate is also called technical veneer. It is not a natural raw material but is made of melamine, PVC and others. synthetic substances. In appearance, it resembles a real tree and can be given any color and pattern so it becomes close to the veneer. Unlike it, however, it lacks natural uniqueness and is identical to the product series. On the other hand, there is a high degree of resistance and a long period of wear. In this case, the legs of the table version are painted with RAL or Paint depending on the selected slab. We try to keep the selected color as close as possible to the one on the plate, but somebody may find a difference. But such a difference can safely be considered as negligible, as the legs are under the hobs and in any case the light falls on them at a different angle.

 The painted table is made of chipboard or MDF, sanded, primed and painted. Paint is a special polyurethane paint for furniture with a hardener and the coating is of sufficient strength. The advantage is the enormous number of colors you can choose from here and the possibility of rounding the corners. If high gloss is required, automotive paint can be used. It increases the price by 130 to 200 leva.

It's hard to say which cover is better and it's a matter of personal preference for the client what table he will choose. If you want the color of the table to be exactly the same as your other furniture - go for a store that offers the aforementioned paints, paints or laminated plates! All importers, manufacturers and retailers claim that the colors shown on the monitor may differ from the actual ones, so they recommend visiting their store for a selection of their samples. But so far, we have not had a customer who has been dissatisfied with its choice of color over the internet.